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Nyang-nyang Beach in Uluwatu, Badung - Bali
A very very long staircase takes you down to a pristine and almost always EMPTY beach. It is almost always empty because of the long walk down.

Nyang-nyang Beach
Location in Uluwatu, Badung - Bali

Nyang-Nyang break is on the old Uluwatu road.  Look for the Nyang-Nyang Hotel. It is a well known break and most people can direct you to the break. When you reach the break you will need to go down the cliff via the steps. The break has a quality right and left wave that produces a ride of 50 - 150 meters depending on conditions.  A wave that should be sampled and not missed on your next surfing trip to Bali. The break tends to work on all tides and begins working with a swell of about 3ft through to 8ft plus.  The break will never be crowded due to its location and access via the long set of steps.

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